EDUC 630 Technology Demonstration

Written Explanation

            I decided to use Nearpod as my technology tool since it allowed me to create my own lesson for my Preschool students. I created an interactive lesson for one of the literacy objectives found in GOLD, the assessment component to Teaching Strategies, and the curriculum I implement in the classroom. The objective of the lesson was for students to match the first twelve letters of the alphabet to a corresponding picture.  Since this lesson is interactive, it most definitely enhanced the participation of students. The Nearpod lesson benefited the learning because it enhanced student participation and provided another learning modality. Moving forward, I plan

To differentiate instruction I could add a timer and/or change the pictures to make it more challenging for advanced learners.  For students that need more support, I could only use the letters found in his/her name or limit the number of letters to six. I could also have the students play in partners to practice turn-taking and cooperation.   I could add a voice recording to provide an alternative form of instruction for the lesson and record the instruction in Spanish for my ELL students. Moving forward, I plan to explore Nearpod more in-depth to create interactive lessons to enhance student learning.