Discussion Board 5: Reflection

Discussion Board # 5

            When I enrolled in EDUC 630, I was very nervous. I am the first to admit, that I do not consider myself technologically savvy. Week 1 nearly brought me to tears, trying to figure out how to get my blog to work. However, reflecting on the past eight weeks, I am proud of the lessons I have learned along the way.

Lessons I will take away from EDUC 630

            The first lesson I am taking away from this course is Nearpod! Through exploring Nearpod, I discovered that I could create simple assessment games for the Preschoolers I serve. The second lesson I am taking away is learning that I have a Youtube channel!  I learned that I could upload videos from my phone straight to my Youtube channel and share them with others.

How Was I challenged?

            The fact that I had to face my lack of knowledge in the technology department was most definitely a challenge. There were times when I had to delete an assignment and start anew. Through these challenges, I learned that perseverance is the key to learning material that intimidates me.

In What Ways Have you changed?

            Now, I am more open to exploring applications and interactive educational websites that once intimidated me.

What would you like to take with you?

            Aside from Nearpod, I am taking away the fact that perseverance in the face of fear will yield success.