Discussion Board 1

Here is my discussion board 1 post. Subtitles are provided. Here is the transcript of the video:

Students from Kindergarten to 12th grade enrolled in public schools are taught
according to a curriculum standard outlined by their state. Educators are expected to teach according to the standards and therefore little to no room is left to teach outside of such standards. Today’s public-school classrooms are rich in diversity, yet the curriculum standards are not applicable to today’s culturally diverse learners (Katz & Marriott, 2020). Although educators are demanded to teach using a standards-based curriculum, the modalities used to teach concepts within such curriculum is left to the educator’s discretion. To meet the individual learning needs of each student, educators can modify how standards are taught according to the individual student’s learning style. The tools that educators have at their disposable to comply with a standard-based curriculum and the individual needs of students are differentiating instruction according to students’ needs, informal assessments, and small group instruction. After reading Using Technology to Enhance Early Childhood Education, the deciding factor of whether to incorporate technology in my Pre-K classroom is if they video, game, or app will enrich the concept I am trying to teach.

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