Discussion # 4-Assistive Technology

Discussion Board # 4- Assistive Technology

            As a Pre-K teacher, the technology I use in the classroom is limited to Epic and short YouTube videos to enhance a lesson or to do a large group movement activity. Currently, I do not have students that use assistive devices. However, I am not opposed to using technology if it would enhance a lesson or would support a student’s learning modality. According to Rosenfeld, technology in a preschool classroom should be integrated within the existing curriculum or lesson and never by itself (Rosenfeld, 2022).

            In the future, when I am in a position where I could implement technology in the classroom, I will use the strategies outline in chapter 5 to choose which applications or software to use with my students. The strategies include differentiating features which would allow me to personalize the application or software to the student’s needs, and student involvement which will allow me to review how much the students would be interacting while on the app or website (Hughes & Roblyer, 2023).


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