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Discussion Board 5: Reflection

Discussion Board # 5             When I enrolled in EDUC 630, I was very nervous. I am the first to admit, that I do not consider myself technologically savvy. Week 1 nearly brought me to tears, trying to figure out how to get my blog to work. However, reflecting on the past eight weeks, I […]

Discussion # 4-Assistive Technology

Discussion Board # 4- Assistive Technology             As a Pre-K teacher, the technology I use in the classroom is limited to Epic and short YouTube videos to enhance a lesson or to do a large group movement activity. Currently, I do not have students that use assistive devices. However, I am not opposed to using […]

EDUC 630 Technology Demonstration

Written Explanation             I decided to use Nearpod as my technology tool since it allowed me to create my own lesson for my Preschool students. I created an interactive lesson for one of the literacy objectives found in GOLD, the assessment component to Teaching Strategies, and the curriculum I implement in the classroom. The objective […]

Discussion Board 2

Discussion Board # 2-Gaming What benefits and challenges are associated with gaming in the classroom? As an Early Childhood educator in a small non-profit preschool, some of the challenges I face in the classroom is the limited quantity of devices that are available for the students to use. As you can imagine, two iPads in […]

Personal Philosophy

Personal Philosophy Paper Ana Y. Ventura Liberty University: School of Education EDUC 630: Technology Practices for Instructional Improvement Dr. Rory Morse January 29, 2023 Personal Philosophy: Purpose of technology in education The purpose of technology in the classroom is to enrich lessons, to provide a different learning modality, and to individualized instruction. Adding technology in […]

Discussion Board 1

Students from Kindergarten to 12th grade enrolled in public schools are taughtaccording to a curriculum standard outlined by their state. Educators are expected to teach according to the standards and therefore little to no room is left to teach outside of such standards. Today’s public-school classrooms are rich in diversity, yet the curriculum standards are […]